Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Distribution of Valentine's

Dear Parent/Guardians,

     On February 14th 2018, we will be celebrating Valentine’s day in your child’s classroom. If your child is preparing valentine’s to give out, we simply ask you to do the following to make it easier.

  1. Please have your child write:
                     To my friend
                      Love/From: __________________________ ( Your Child’s Name).
( As children are learning to recognize their own name as well as their friends to read, it is hard for us to help each child to deliver Valentines and help them read their name. We ask that you only have your child sign their name and follow this format.

2) Please do not bring in any special snacks or treats. We will be having special activities in lieu of treats that day. It is Ash Wednesday and we want to respect that it is a day of fast and respect. We will be distributing ashes and would not want to take away from its meaning as the start of Lent.

Many Thanks for your cooperation
Mme. McCann, Mrs. Bean, Mrs. Parnell, Mrs. Couch,