Monday, October 30, 2017

Math Talks

Here is a great example of the learning that can happen from the everyday play that takes place within our classroom.  With loose parts and play dough, a "cupcake" has provoked a great math conversation.  At the end of our play time, I posted this picture on the Smart Board and asked one questions.... 


With our elbow partners (the person sitting beside us) we chatted about what we saw and took turns sharing our thinking with the class.  Here's what we saw!!!

"A triangle!" - Colton
"Circles" - Yianni
"black, orange, black orange.  It's an AB pattern."
"I see circles" - Liam
"Down and Up, down, up, down, up...." - Allison (AB pattern)
"It's a zaggle line"
A pattern: black/orange, black/orange... It never stops!" - Max
"There are 15!"

It is pretty amazing that so many different math concepts can come from a play doh cupcake!  This is a great example of the learning happening everyday!