Sunday, October 1, 2017


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We often have parents asking how they can help support their child's learning at home.  Much of your child's learning takes place in their natural play and when being outside.  That being said, there are many opportunities to incorporate Math into your child's day that are fun and great learning experiences.  Here are some to help you on your way....

Look for numbers in your neighborhood, in books and around your home.  Use magnifying glasses or flashlights to make it extra fun!

Explore measurement while baking :)

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Cut apples or other foods into quarters or halves and have your child put them back together.

Take cereal boxes or canned goods and have your child order them from heaviest to lightest or shortest to tallest.

Help your child sort and count their toys when it's time to tidy up.

Sorting laundry into groups like socks, t-shirts, pants is helpful and fun!

Let your child help empty the dishwasher and sort the cutlery into it's specific spot in the drawer.

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Have fun by searching for items that are 2D (squares, triangles, circles) or 3D shapes like cubes, pyramids, cones, spheres and cylinders.

Look for patterns on clothing.

Count forward and backward, starting at different numbers.

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When you're at the grocery store, ask your child to count out 6 apples to bring home or sort the vegetables, fruit and meat.

Play a game of Snakes and Ladders or Go Fish. Make it a family game night!!!

Opportunities for Math are all around us!!